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What is Teleneurology?

female physician discussing patient care online

At a remote location distant from UnityPoint Health - Pekin, a neurologist uses computerized video equipment that allows interaction with patients, nurses and other physicians. In essence, teleneurology is much like Skype. Only a certified neurologist is on the other side of the computer, not your family or friends.

The video equipment is positioned so the doctor can clearly see the patient and the on-site staff act as the neurologist's hands. Afterwards, the neurologist will recommend the next steps to take and maintain contact with the physicians after the exam.

Patients that have stroke symptoms will be able to remain in Pekin instead of going elsewhere for healthcare services. In fact, neurologist care is available in Pekin 24 hours a day.

Who are the neurologists that diagnosis me?

After extensive research, UnityPoint Health - Pekin has selected Specialists on Call (SOC) and the associated neurologists of the company for our teleneurology program. They are based in Washington, D.C. and possess a proven track record.

All neurologists that work with Specialists on Call are board-certified and fellowship trained, with at least 10 years of post-residence experience.

How long does it take for a neurologist to be on call?

By using teleneurology, patients are often assessed and treated more quickly than they would be in a traditional emergency model. Specialists on Call guarantees a neurologist will be available within 30 minutes or less. Even hospitals with neurologists on staff struggle to achieve such proficient services.