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Elizabeth's Story

Elizabeth's Story


As an active runner and a member of her school’s track team, Elizabeth is used to occasional aches and pains. But after a recent run, the pain in her ankle was much more intense. Her mother Melissa feared it was a severe strain or maybe even a fracture, so they rushed to UnityPoint Health – Pekin Urgent Care on a busy Friday evening.

After just a few minutes at the registration desk, Elizabeth and Melissa were talking to a friendly nurse in one of the patient exam rooms. The doctor came in shortly after and explained what needed to be done. In less than an hour the doctor had the results of the x-ray and some good news—it was just a sprain! Elizabeth would be back on the running track in no time!

Elizabeth and Melissa are grateful for the quick, compassionate care they received at UnityPoint Health – Pekin Urgent Care, and they recommend the clinic to their family and friends. The entire staff, from the registration desk to the radiology department, was courteous and professional. Elizabeth also enjoyed her first-ever ride in a wheel chair!

“Everyone was very nice and gave us clear instructions about how to care for Elizabeth’s ankle sprain,” says Melissa. “We were so happy to be seen right away and to have no waiting for the x-ray. We received quality care and trusted what the doctor told us.”